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One of the Most Active Volcanoes in the World – Mount Bromo in Java, Indonesia

They’re trying to convince me to pay them for riding a horse. We’re negotiating the price with them. Grandfather, father, and I are here in Mount Bromo. It’s volcano right there. We’ll take a hike up to the crater. We were at the summit to watch the sunrise at early morning. Three volcanoes were right there in front of us. Now we’re here for close-up view come and join me to see the crater! It’s red smoke right there in the hole. Larry (father) asked me to come closer to the crater. It was so loud and strong vibration! I was so amazed at how big smoke was especially vibration!!! I’ve always dreamed of going to the crater and witness volcano. It’s big smoke. And it’s really vibration feeling Yes I’m deaf, yet I can feel strong vibration. WOAH! How deep is it? 23,600 feet deep. See this deep hole. Can you see black all over the crater? That was coming from eruption. Smoke generates heat so it easily causes black all over the crate. the other side doesn’t have any black mark. the direction was caused by wind You can clearly see the black mark. We took a long hike up to the crater. They’re right about vibration. The vibration is defintely stronger than last year. This trip is my second time. This trip is much better due to hiking with my grandfather and father. We’re all here to create a memory together. When you’re in Java, be sure to visit Bromo..

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