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Abacus African Vacations – Queen Elizabeth

A video tour through Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. Once of the most diverse parks in the world with forest, savannas and mountains with a range of wildlife to match. See lions – including a big male, elephants, antelope, warthog and more on the game drives. The video also featires a river cruise on the Kazinga channel – a 40km natural channel that joins Lake George and Lake Edward and that is teeming with nature. Hippos, crocodiles, kingfishers, fish eagles and hundreds of other birds line the banks, as well as elephants, buffalo and other animals that come down to drink. One of the highlights of Queen Elizabeth National Park has to be the tree climbing lions of Ishasha. See them here in all their glory relaxing and climbing up and down the trees to stay cool and away from flies. For more information see
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