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Of all the Southeast Asian countries out there, Vietnam happens to be the trickiest and I will tell you why. today I’m going to share with you my top 5 travel survival tips for surviving Vietnam. Mekong Delta Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City Sapa. People wearing little conical hats called coolies… depending on the city grow to or the village, Vietnam can be a fairly bustling place. 1 beware of theft. sorry sorry it happens there it happens there a lot. Focus. Know where you’re going. Know what’s around you. In the course of around two weeks I met for travelers that had been robbed in various differentnt ways. Bag snatching. Taking out a wad of cash, when you’re paying a motorbike taxi. Leaving your backpack at a hotel storage space or luggage space because you’re going to take a trekking tour.

Leaving your valuables unattended while you’re searching for money to buy a drink I’m going to leave a link here. I’m going to leave a link right here to my view on travel safety tips for solo travelers. Counterfeit agencies. Counterfeit agencies are companies cthat have a logo of reputable company on their store front. However, in no way affiliated with that company they’re just they’re just trying to steal customers from a reputable company. Usually you can tell because they’re just so many of them do not very subtle. You’re going to have to listen to your intuition. If something sounds wrong or weird then it is. Avoid avoid.. Go to the places that feel like they’re professional. Where you feel like the people behind the desk are trustworthy. You can’t always go by the company logo or company designs yes signs me nothing in Vietnam. Getting around. There are many ways to get around Vietnam and I am going to quickly shoot through them. The number one most popular vehicle in Vietnam happens to be motorbikes. In fact, people in Vietnam had to be skilled in the fine art of balancing things on their motorbike.

You will see them transporting anything from entire families to their living room. I’ve seen dresser drawers euros refrigerators a huge stack of chicken cages. This makes motorcyclist in Vietnam skillful and a little dangerous. unlike other countries in South East Asia I recommend that you don’t try to learn how to ride a motorbike in Vietnam. Hop on hop off buses! You’ll see signs advertising for open tickets for open tours. it’s an inexpensive way to travel from city to city. Shared vans. The rule of thumb is that shared vans, don’t leave until they’re full. Not only seat wise, but aisles to. If a tour operator is trying to squeeze as many people as they can they will start pulling out little plastic stools and placing them in the aisles. There are VIP buses, overnight sleeper buses, and ferries and you can even fly. want to get around the city there are motorbike taxis called Xe Oms.

You can rent a motorbike or take a tour with a group. There are Xelo’s aka rickshaws. And they move very slowly and are mostly for tourists. Number four– how to cross a Vietnamese Street. A lot of travelers in Vietnam are always kind of freaked out at the idea of crossing the street and I was kind of like that at first too. Until I figured out how it was done. Actually you know what I’m not gonna waste my number four on this. Go watch my video and check out how I crossed a Vietnamese Street. Budget tours! Vietnam has the best budget tours and you’ll be spoiled by the prices. A lot of times these tours are all-inclusive covering accommodations, tour guides, transportation and activities. It could actually be cheaper doing a budget tour vs. doing it on your own. Street food. There sidewalk cafes that’s on the sidewalk on plastic tables and plastic chairs are lined up facing the street, as if the street were one giant television set. It’s inexpensive as well as delicious. A little on the greasy side but delicious.

Tips on street food! Always make sure the food is prepared in front of you or come to you piping hot. Another tip I recommend is to go to a place that is well populated. That usually means the food is good and it’s relatively safe. I already have some blog posts that I’ve done, like tips on how to travel Vietnam and how to find a good budget tour without getting ripped off. I’ll leave that link down below in my description box or leave it in the little “i” icon that will pop out somewhere in the course of this video. So check it out! If you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up or like subscribe to this channel, and until then travel safe, smart and fun. And may the GRRR be with you!.

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