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Things to do in Malaysia | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Today we are standing in front of Malaysia’s most iconic building the Petronas Towers. There are lots of different vantage points around the park so that you can get your shot with the Petronas Towers and this is one of them. The Petronas towers took six years to build and they were the tallest building in Asia until Taipei 101 took them over. I’ve been to Tapei 101 and these are more impressive. These towers were designed by an Argentinean architect names Caesar Pelli – represent! Represent because why? Oh because I grew up in Argentina. There you go. The double decker sky bridge here connects to the two towers together. It is quite awesome. My question is this a water fountain or can I actually go swimming in there. We are in Malacca right now and it is nighttime so we are about to head over to Jonker Street where they have one of the biggest night markets I have ever seen. It is a great place to find food and go shopping, so let’s head over there. What are you eating right now? There is nothing better to do at the night market, the Jonker street night market, than to indulge in street food. We’ve got a refreshing little dish right down here – take a look at it. There are different kinds of jellies and beans and shaved ice with some sweet coconut milk and cane syrup. Is it ever good! It is the perfect way to beat the heat. Right here we’ve ordered something called a carrot cake. I am not seeing any carrots so far but it looks really tasty. It smells good. Is it good? How would you describe it? I would say it is like a Pad Thai without the noodles. You have the bean sprouts, you have a little bit of tofu and some egg and peanuts. I don’t know where the carrot name comes from. I just bought some sugarcane juice – it is really sweet and refreshing and I love that they gave us lots of ice. It is perfect. It is perfect for a hot night like this. It is bright and early. It is only seven twenty in the morning and I’ve been dragged out of bed by someone to go visit the Batu Caves early in the day. How are we getting there? We are taking the commuter train from KL Sentral. One Ringgit each. It was cheap! Today we are visiting the Batu Caves. It is only 13 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur and this is an important Hindu shrine. The caves takes its name from the Batu River and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. It looks like it is feeding time for the pigeons over here. Who said money or food couldn’t buy you friends. Here I am on step number one. I’ve only got two hundred and seventy two more of these bad boys to climb. There are lots of macaques or little monkeys. This is my first time seeing monkeys up close so it is all that I’m taking pictures of at the temple. Finally two hundred and seventy two steps later we have made it to the top. This is actually my third time coming to the Batu Caves but this is by far the earliest I’ve come and what a difference it makes. There is hardly anyone here and it feels like we have the place to ourselves. We’ve had intimate encounters with pigeons, monkeys, roosters and there is a performance going on. My tip to anyone is to come early. We beat the first tourist bus here. Look at them coming. Hahaha! Now we are rewarding ourselves with a vegetarian Indian feast. I swear I must have lost half of my water (body weight) going up and down those Batu Caves. I ordered myself a delicious roti which I’m going to enjoy right now. I am starving. Masala Chai! I’m going to start off by saying that I was tricked into coming here. I was told it was going to be a short – oh, it is a ten minute walk from Chinatown as we’re right around the corner – and we’ve been walking for forty-five minutes in circles and uphill. I am covered in sweat and a bird just flew by me. We’re at KL Bird Park – the largest walk in aviary – in the world. That means the birds can fly from freely around the park. This aviary is home to over three thousand birds in more than two hundred species. So far we have seen love birds, flamingos, peacocks and birds that we don’t even know what they are. This over here is the feeding area. As you can see the birds get a really nice diet of papayas and bananas. This feels like Jurassic Park with the birds instead of dinosaurs. I’m going to choose two birds and then pose with them. This is the selection you’ve got. Are you having fun? We can feed Lorries for like two Ringgit, which is about seventy cents, so why not. Sam, tell us about your new friends here. I’ve got four little friends and we’re having a feeding party right now. Hello. Overall, this was a really fun experience although it is not the cheapest thing to do in KL. It is something we both highly recommend. Wear bug spray! Yes. Cat cafes seem like a novelty to most but certainly not for us. Visiting Purrfect Cat Cafe in Georgetown – Penang, Malaysia – marked our third cat cafe outing in Asia. Previously we had visited one in Seoul, South Korea and another one in Bangkok, Thailand. The format for this recently opened cat cafe is similar to the two others we visited. For the opportunity to spend time with cats you have to purchase 18 Ringgit (the equivalent of six dollars) worth of snacks, desserts and/or drinks. You can freely pet and play with the cats but picking them up or entering their sleep zone is not permitted. This particular cat cafe had its strong and weak points. A smaller and more intimate space was certainly a bonus; however, there were less cats to play with and many of them were sleeping in the no people zone. Overall, we’d recommend the Purrfect Cat Cafe as a fun afternoon outing to escape the stifling heat and humidity of typical day in George Town. For breakfast this morning we’re having one of my all-time favorite foods – dim sum – and there are so many restaurants to choose from here in George Town but I’m going to my favorite. Let’s go. There is a recurring theme in most of our morning videos and that is I’m usually not awake and that I’m being dragged out of bed to go do something. This morning it is Chinese breakfast again. What do we got? I believe those are shrimp dumplings. Could I have a cup of tea darling? You may and this is very hot. Burning yourself for love. No dim sum meal is complete without a cup of tea. Sam and his buns. Barbecue pork bun and red bean paste bun. One of the most fascinating aspects of eating at this dim sum restaurant is just how you order the food. All of the different ladies come by pushing these different kinds of carts some of them filled with dim sum and some of them are filled with pao. There are different kinds of buns. They have pork and all kinds of things. You just pick them and they put them right on the table. They have this little bill here and they check them off with the prices. You can see our bill right now and how it is shaping up. I’m sure we’ll be ordering more. Which one did you try just now? I got a shrimp and veggie one and it is so tasty. Have a look? One of my absolute favorites is the barbecue pork bun. It just has so much flavor and it is ‘wow’ delicious. We’ve been trying lots of different dim sum. I find that the fillings are varied. You can get vegetables, pork and there are some with shrimp and then you have all of the sweet dim sum, which have a red bean paste. Those are the ones I like the most. The ones that I’m not a huge fan of. Again, lots of different variety. One of my favorite things about having dim sum is the social aspect. It is the kind of meal that you come and enjoy with friends over a cup of tea. I’m so full yet I keep eating more. Sam is certainly in his element over here. Being back in UNESCO Heritage city Malacca, Malaysia on our one year travel anniversary was the perfect chance for us to eat Thali, an Indian meal made up of various dishes typically including rice, dal, vegetables, roti, papad, chutney and pickle. It is lunchtime here in Melaka and today we’re eating at the Selvam Banana Leaf restaurant, which is an Indian restaurant. We’ve been here several times during the week. It is one of our favorite places so far. It is really popular with locals, so we’re going to show you what a Thali set meal looks like. When I was backpacking in India three and a half years ago I subsisted off of Thali, so I’m thrilled to be having the opportunity to eat it again here in Malacca, Malaysia. Thali is an Indian meal that consists of various kinds of dishes. It can be served on a platter or – in this case- we’re having it on a banana leaf if you take a look at it down here. It comes with different vegetables, curries and rice. Typically you would eat this using your hand; however, someone has to hold the camera, so I’m going to be using cutlery and Sam will demonstrate how it is done the proper way. Alright boy, dig in. Get them fingers dirty. You mix it around here. There we go. That’s awesome stuff. Sam and I ordered two different Thali sets. He is having the vegetarian one and I am having the chicken but the only difference is that I get a little plate with a chicken curry on the side. Everything else we got was the same. We have the same dhal, the same rice and the same chips. Take a bite of that chicken to see how it tastes. I already have a chunk here. It is very tender and you can tell it has been cooked slowly for a long time. It is really good. Is it spicy? Of course, a bit of Indian spice in there. One thing I absolutely love about Thali is the concept of the bottomless refills. You eat until you’re fully satisfied. That means if you go through your rice – and you finished your rice and you want more – you call them over and they load you up. It is perfect for a hungry boy. Our Thali lunch came to 22 Ringgit which is roughly $7 USD and that included three drinks, two different Thali sets (including a chicken and a vegetarian) and a roti pisang banana flat bread for dessert. Today we are here visiting Kek Lok Si temple and this is the biggest Buddhist temple in all of Southeast Asia. In order for us to get here we had to go through a bit of a market. I’ve never seen so many turtles in one place. Today we are visiting the Temple of Supreme Bliss and I’m feeling particularly blissful this morning. Let’s have a look. This impressive temple took nearly twenty years to build and was funded almost entirely by donations. Even today they’re doing more renovations. This temple is located on a hilltop in Air Itam and it offers excellent views of the city below. How sweaty are you? I have rivers flowing down my body. Your shirt seems quite appropriate now. I am hot. I’m hot! These temples here combine Mahayana Buddhism and Chinese rituals. That concludes our tour of the temples here. For anyone who would like to come you can take the bus 201, 203 and 204 from the Komplex Komptar – basically the main mall from George Town and it is about a 40 minute ride to here. Overall, the temples are pretty cool. It is very much commercial but I guess that is to be expected. But enough about the temples now it is time for lunch. The Petronas Towers are brilliant by day but ‘wow’ do they ever shine bright at night. This is now our third time coming to the Petronas Towers and having seen it during the day and at night I have to say I prefer it at night a lot more. They have really cool light shows that take place. There is also a lot more people who come to watch the show. There you have it – the Petronas Towers at night – a sight to behold! Today we are having dinner at a great little restaurant that is located right across from the Puduraya bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur and it is Indian food. My favorite! Nothing like refreshing fruit drinks to start your meal. Here is our food. Nice! Thank you! Delicious. What we are having today is called Roti Canai and it is an Indian flat bread. I’ve got one that has cheese inside and I’m going to dip it in the curry sauce. The roti canai is the Malaysian form of flat bread. Oh yeah! What we’re having here is roti canai. Roti means bread in Hindi and Malay. Canai in Malay means to roll out the dough. How do you roll it out? Show us. Nice. It is made with egg flour and water and in special cases where there is special ingredients like this one here – cheese! Sam is feeling a little shy because there is people watching him eat right now. Is it the freckles? Is it the t-shirt? Is it because he is using his hands? It’s s spectacle. What could it be? There are two ways to eat roti canai – by hand or by utensil – and believe me I will not give up an opportunity to use my hands. Demonstrate for us. Mix it up really good. That’s sloppy! You just wiped it on your pants! No, I didn’t. Audrey here will be having it using utensils. I on the other hand am eating like a lady using a fork and spoon. Keeping it classy. So roti canai is thinner than the Indian style Naan bread which a lot of people are more familiar with. It is thin in the same way as chapati for example. You can get plain roti or you get a little fancier with your order and they have banana roti, garlic roti, cheese roti and egg roti. Yes, I had that earlier. Lots to choose from! One of the coolest things when we come here to the restaurant is the little order you get. You just keep tallying it up here on the side and eventually when you’re finished feasting they finally give you a total. This is a meal that you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We’re having it for dinner right now and I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back for breakfast. Get ready! We have our tickets in hand and tonight we are going to be doing the Melaka River Cruise. The city really lights up at night. I’m really enjoying this right now because I’ve actually only walked along this area. I’ve never taken the boat and I’ve never done this at night so this is awesome. It is so much easier and convenient taking the boat than walking. My favorite part of the tour has been getting to see all of the art on the exterior of the buildings by the river. Since I first came here back in 2008 there has been a lot of development in the area. There used to be a lot of traditional homes alongside the Kampong the river but not anymore. Now there are boutique hotels and condos. It has lost a little bit of its charm in my opinion.| Today we are visiting a place that is an important part of George Town’s heritage – the Clan Jetties. These are the last bastions of old Chinese settlements. One of the things that has surprised me most about visiting the Clan Jetties is that people live here with their pets, so even though their houses are on stilts above the water they still keep dogs, cats and it works. Here we’ve found some friendly little doggies. Yes. Leave it to me to find puppies. Cats. Hello, cat. It is purring. Cat, let’s steal you. You can fit in my backpack. Well, we’ve encountered a lot of friendly cats and dogs but not this one. All of the houses in this area are built on stilts over the water and they even have a temple. Here is the temple of stilts that we were looking to find. This area is now part of the heritage trail and it was established roughly 150 years ago. There are several distinct Jetty’s along this area. In fact, there were seven at one time. One just burnt down and now we are visiting the Chew Jetty, which is welcoming us. How are we feeling? I’m feeling good. I’m just resting on someone’s porch I imagine. This stilt villages actually remind me quite a bit of the ones I visited while in Brunei, which are called the Kampong Ayer. Those were even quite a bit bigger. These are still very fascinating. In the back of one of these jetties there is the most random Santa Clause. In the back. Hello! Today we are visiting the Botanical Gardens just outside of George Town. If you look up over there you can see some monkeys. Actually there is another one there. That one is easier to spot. That looks like a bearded one. Hi monkey. So Sam let’s talk about travel mistakes. How did we mess up today? Well guess what – I hardly brought any money today and as we were taking the bus to come over to the Botanical Gardens I just figured that out and I’m like ‘oh no’ we’re totally not going to be able to get in but luckily it is free! That is good because I didn’t have any money on me either. I never carry around cash. Well, thank you for that. We woke up kind of late this morning and we were worried that it was going to be too hot by the time we got here but fortunately this place is so shady and lush and it is so much fresher than it is in George Town – especially down the side trails. It is so much cooler. We’ve been on a quest for the main waterfall and just as soon as we thought we found it – it is just this humble little thing. Wow! Impressive! Amazing! This one is still not what I envisioned but I think it could be it. It looks a bit more grand. What do you think? Maybe, maybe. False alarm yet again. It is showing here that this is the way to the waterfall. Let’s go find it. It is nap time for the big boy. Well, third time is a charm. We have found the actual waterfalls that were outlined in the park guide but not quite as we expected. A little trickle. A trickle falls. Voila! Want to jump in for a dip? Nah. It is lunchtime here in Malacca, so we’re about to go to a Baba Nyonya type of restaurant, which is a mix of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. This is a real hole in the wall kind of place. It is. I am going to be showing you the Nyonya Laksa, which is spicy curry with a mixture of Malay and Chinese elements. Let’s take a look. It is a coconut based curry soup and it has curd puffs, fish sticks, shrimp and clams added to it. It is very flavorful. What I am having next is called Rojak, which is the Malay word for mixture. It is a refreshing salad. Yes. Take a look over here. It is made using fruits and vegetables, so it has pineapple, cucumbers, bean sprouts. It is just a really nice and refreshing salad on a hot day. Oh yeah. The last of our four dishes is called Popiah and it is a spring roll that has an outside like a crepe. I’ll show you the ingredients here. It has a sweet bean and soy sauce and it often has turnips and bean sprouts, tofu, peanuts and kind of omelet like. It has got everything going on. Take a bite. Classy! To beat the heat we have some lime juice. Is that refreshing? What has been your favorite dish so far? I’ve actually like this one here – the Nyonya dumplings – as I’ve never had this one before. I’ve tried the others but this is my first time for this. Okay, take a big bite and tell us why you like it. Struggling! What I really like about it is the glutinous rice. It is a unique kind of coating for the dumpling. Also, it is quite sweet inside. It is hard for me not to like sweet foods when it comes to me and my taste buds. What is Miss Audrey’s favorite? Well, I’ve really enjoyed the rice dumplings as well but I think my absolute favorite has been the salad over here. I haven’t eaten fresh fruits and fresh vegetables for almost a year because in Korea they cost a fortune, so I’m in heaven right now. I’m just eating and feasting on this. What do you got now – pineapple? Yeah, this is a pineapple. It is a nice sweet treat and the coating on the salad is delicious as well. It is a sweet sauce with peanuts on top, so it is just perfect. One of the top things to do when you’re visiting George Town is to take a rickshaw tour and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. This is our colorful little ride right here. Sorry, what’s your name? Harry. Harry, nice to meet you. Bye. We’re going on a rickshaw ride. Hindi music playing. Background music playing. We’ve got some mighty big waves coming here. Woah. So we got soaked by a massive wave. We sure did. And it is actually kind of refreshing now, so I’m kind of happy it happened and our camera survived it. Not too bad actually. Background music playing. A big cat and a little mouse. Isn’t it cute. So this is a Chinese temple? Yeah. Very old temple. One hundred years old. Honking horn. So a tour around historic Georgetown will reveal some crumbling colonial architecture as Audrey likes to say. No, I don’t. Background music playing. So over here is Saint George church. The British governor used the black car. Oh, that’s the old governor’s car. Where are you? So this is the old train that used to travel up Penang hill carrying passengers up. A bamboo ship. Kassim Mustafa, one of our favorite restaurants in George Town to get roti and it is noticeable for its bright green and yellow paint. Background music playing. And our final stop – our hotel. Background music playing. Penang is known for its distinct neighborhoods and none is more colorful than Little India. As you might expect there are also lots of Indian restaurants in Little India so it is the perfect place to get some Palak Paneer or curry or Naan bread, Lassis or anything! One of the things that you can find in Little India are lots of Saris stores and Bengal stores. Lots of shopping to be done.. As found on Youtube Wanna Go?