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Beauty of the Canyon

With immense terraced walls stretching more than a mile high, millions of years of geological history exposed through layers of rock, and miles of world-class whitewater, the Grand Canyon rightfully earns its prestigious position as one of earth’s natural wonders. Each year, nearly 5 million visitors glance into the canyon from behind guardrails, but only a select few have ever truly experienced the depths of the canyon first-hand. Grand Canyon Whitewater provides an opportunity for adventure seekers of all ages, and all physical abilities, to connect with the canyon at its most personal level. It is from the perspective of the Colorado River that the canyon reveals its true character. Grand Canyon Whitewater offers the option to experience the canyon from both motorized and oar-powered rafts. Trips can run anywhere from 4 to 15 days and traverse either the full length of the canyon or the upper or lower sections. Each day, you will spend several hours relaxing on the boat, running rapids, and listening to your highly experienced and extremely passionate guides share their knowledge of and love for the canyon. Daily adventures include activities like swimming under waterfalls, exploring turquoise blue side streams, and hiking to ancient Native American ruins. In the evenings, as the sun dips behind the canyon walls, you will retire to a comfortable campsite where you can sit back and enjoy the Canyon’s ambiance while the guides prepare a delicious riverside dinner. You have the option of sleeping outside under a blanket of stars, or retreating to your very own tent. Each morning, a call for coffee takes the place of your traditional alarm clock and the guides prepare a hearty breakfast to start the day. After the boats are packed and everyone is ready, a whole new adventure begins. Each day brings exciting new rapids to run, different sites to see, and new friends to make. Life on the river can quickly turn into a therapeutic experience, one that you are not soon to forget..

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