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BEST JUNGLE ZIPLINE ! – Karkloof | South Africa Vacation

Wanna Go? Aaah Guys aaah! You guys are still fast asleep from the car drive Guys we made it! We’re here…Yay! We are in Karkloof its like a forresty place where cars drive No! Its where we’re going to be doing the zipline guys like the best, the ultimate zipline in Africa and we’re gonna do it! African zipline So cool, o.k Who’s nervous, who’s scared? I’m not nervous at all I’m super duper excited and I cant wait to get up there I’m a little nervous I’m not nervous! Are you? I just hope that pulley thing like keeps my weight Because I’ve been eating so much South African food and I feel like I’ve gained a couple pounds Thats fine, while you’re on the zipline I’ll start looking out for a new husband That sounds pretty good Louise! Good Luck!!! Hi Everyone! Guess where we are? Today we are in the mountains well, its not very mountainous but its hilly and we are going to do the karkloof canopy tours its basically a zipline through the tress here in South Africa its beautiful Today is beautiful day with the sun and blue sky Its beautiful! and I cant wait to do it Are you all kitted out? Are you guys going to do it as well? Yes! Is it your first time? No its not I hope its not your first time O.k guys your mission if you choose to accept it Is to scale the trees find the wounded soldier Retrieve him and bring him back! I think we already have the wounded soldier here and he’s wounded in the brain You gotta make it exciting by creating a little story Its Crazy! Guys they forgot my harness Where’s your harness? I’m Just kidding! Where’s your safety equipment I’m just the camera lady today Guys what do you think of my beautiful gloves Extra, extra large and also my beautiful hat at this moment Very chic hey? Yes, in fact! Guys I feel like we’re on survivor or Amazing race Not Amazing race, Naked and Afraid You know how in the beginning of the episode they have that trip in the car and they sitting in the back and they like ‘aah look how pretty it is’ and then next thing you know they stripping naked I hope we don’t have to strip naked at the end of this Pierres first. Pierre you’re really brave Yip! I’m gonna be Bear Grylls Do you have… Focus Pierre! Do you have what it takes to survive in a Jungle…with a Zipline? o.k, sit Off you go, enjoy! Bear Grylls Bye Pierre! Are you nervous Claude? I am, its the first time I’m doing this guys Oh, you’ll be fine O.k Louise, hope the life insurance is paid up Bye! I’ll start looking for a new husband! No! Bye Pierre! Go Pierre, whooo! Gabi are you ready? Yes! You can do it! Thank you! o.k sit O.k bye everybody See ya! whoa Gabi Well done Gabi Dad the first thing was so scary Scary, I thought it was like a bungy jump That was so scary I’ve got something for you down there oh, thank you! Yummy treats You got them treats, yeah! How is it going Gabs, are you enjoying it? Yeah It may look like I’m crying because my eyes have been watering Oh my goodness! You got me? Yes I got you Sure? 100 percent sure Oh shoot! @#$*! Oh my gosh! Bye bye Hello! Whoa Mbali! Well done! Come on the box That was fantastic hey? Are you ready? I’m ready, lets do this guys! Enjoy! I’m gonna go faster this time No problem Lets do this Sit o.k, I dont need to brake on this one? Put your hands ontop o.k, perfect bye guys Hang, hang Helloooo! Thats a far drop Gabi o.k Yes, Mabi Hi Guys! Karkloof Canopy Tours Awesome! How was it guys? That was awesome! That was so cool! My heart is still… Best experience ever! Really! Do you go quite high up There’s one place thats super high Two places Yeah, yeah! Super, super high And were you scared? A little bit Yes But then your adrenaline just takes over Pierre, literally was farting He was farting on the platforms I think it was the nerves It was disgusting and the smell just hung in the canopy Its not very eco friendly Pierre Awesome, o.k, do your little victory dance Whoa, that was hard work guys Ziplinning and now we get a complimentary snack Claude! I need the sugar! Wow! Its amazing the appetite you build up doing that! swinging between trees like a monkey And I mean, we just ate before we came I think its the adrenaline, I think its the excitement. As found on Youtube Wanna Go?