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New York City Travel Guide

Okay. So I have been a host to friends and family and it finally dawned on me that I should be filming this. So here is my first video on things to do here in NYC. Depending on how this goes, I’ll do more and I’ll focus on neighborhoods, entertainment, shopping, food. But yeah, this is just to get you hyped! So take a walk with me, and see what I see. If you guys like this, make sure you like, comment and subscribe. And yeah, this is my homegirl Liinda, sick a– dancer. And if you’re like my mom, you wanna do the touristy things. I.e., see the Statue of Liberty. And because of hurricane Sandy, Ellis island is closed so you can only appreciate her from a boat. And this is the high line. It spans from 14th street to… 34th street, I believe. And it’s free, you get some good, cool views. And there’s also Central Park. Cliche’, and a must. But if you wanna do something fun and active, go check out the boathouse.

They rent out boats for $12 an hour. And all you gotta do is put a deposit of $20. Everything is cash… and so cute. So then after that, there’s Magnolia Bakery. It used to be a secret, it ain’t no more. Their banana pudding. If you do not have a Magnolia Bakery by you, you need to try this. Yummy in your tummy. And then next step is Katz’s Deli. It’s historical, they’re famous for their sandwiches, particularly their pastrami sandwich. I don’t eat pastrami. And yes there are tourists, but you just gotta do it.

Ladies, hit up Patricia Field. She is a New York City fashion fixture. She’s a costume designer, made famous for her designs in The Devil Wears Prada and Sex in the City. Her store is fun, fun, fun. A drag queen’s closet. I like to get a lot of my accessories from this spot, okay? Okay, and if you don’t wanna walk around everywhere, if you wanna do something fun and active, rent a bike. You can cover a whole lot more ground with these Citibikes. And then you bike your way over to Caracas. It’s an arepa bar in the East Village. The food is delicious, the prices are ideal for you starving artists. It’s so good. Platanos, and guacamole. And summer isn’t summer in New York City without hitting up a rooftop. This is the Jimmy rooftop at the St. James hotel. There is a doorman, which means they can turn your a– down. So make sure you dress to impress. And do not travel in packs of men. Big New York no-no. Okay? So what do you do after you party? You pray! You pray.

You guys need to check out Times Square Church. It’s right in Times Square. You don’t have to be religious, it is just an experience to live, okay? What I like about this church, is it’s in theatre. So you have that New York, Times Square theatre vibe. And after that you hop on the train. And if you’re lucky, you get to see the awesome, shameless street performers. If you like what they do, hook them up. Give a dollar, okay? Or more. And you’re gonna take this train up all the way to Harlem. 125 baby, my hood. And you need to, ladies, hit up Orange beauty supply store. This is my spot, I go here all the time, when I had hair. And I take all my girlfriends here to buy wigs. Their wigs are amazing and they are cheap. They have both human and synthetic. FYI. And at night, you check out the Apollo. They have amateur night every Wednesdays, and you have to go–again, historical, you gotta go. Here we go. That’s pretty much it for the first NYC series. If you guys wanna see more, you wanna explore different neighborhoods, shopping, eating, entertainment, let me know in the comment section.

And, hope you find this interesting! Make sure you watch my previous videos. If the link is not working, make sure you read the description box. I have links there as well. Thank you beautifuls! Peace!.

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