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41 BEST THINGS TO DO IN BANGKOK (Part 1: OLD BANGKOK #1-15) | Bangkok Travel Guide

You’ll find Old Bangkok, the historical heart of a larger city. With wats, buddhas and traditional ways. Here’s part one of a two part video showing you just some of the things you can do when you’re in historical Bangkok. A ride on the Chao Phraya commuter Ferry is a must. It’s a scenic ride of river houses on stilts, and the Chao PHraya River traffic. Right off the Phra Chan pier and not far from the Bangkok National Museum, is the amulet market. These talismans are said to protect its possessor from death and its courted by serious collectors, monks, and people in dangerous professions.

Some amulet vendors have a very unique collection. Wat Arun. otherwise called the Temple of Dawn. is an impressively decorative Khmer-style wat which you can see from the river Here we are inside Wat Phoand this is just quads and quads of wats and complexes, where eyou can see different types of buddhas. They’re all pretty giant. Wat Pho is also Thailand`s main school for traditional Thai medicine and massage. A perfect spot to experienceauthentic Thai massage.

Everything here is pretty ornate, I’d love to see it her at night when everything is lit up. I’m taking a yuk tuk tour. A wonderfully unique and fun way to see and experience historical Bangkok at night is to take a night yuk-tuk tour with Expique. Sights, nightlife, food and cultural insight, you you can experience the beauty/ action of Bangkok when the sun goes down. Here we are in the Flower Market.

The Flower Market is Bangkok’s largest 24 hour flower market and it’s where flower dealers from all over Thailand come to sell their flowers. Roaming the streets here is a colourful and fragrant experience. Main selling and trading however, happens at 2am, so if you want to see the market in full swing, get ready to beat the sun. Pad Thai is the national noodle in Thailand and you’ll find Thai lining up for what’s said to be the best pad thai in Bangkok. I’m outside the gate so the Golden Mount and already you can hear the bells ring. It takes 344 steps . Along the way you have waterfalls and beautiful statues. You can easily forget your 344 steps. Here’s I’ve got a lotus flower, candle, incense, and a paper with gold leaf on it, which I will place on the Buddha at the end.

The golden mount is one of the highest points in Bangkk and the view from up here is pretty spectacular. Rice cream Sandwich. Ice cream on a hot dog bun. Ooh, it’s cold. That’s a lot of carbs. If you wanna know where the backpackers hang out it’s Khao San Road. This area houses everything for backpackers from bars, street food, budget tours, and Thai tourist clothes. If seafood is your thing and you’d like to visit one of Bangkok’s floating market, a trip to Taling Chan where it’s at. I took Bus 79 from Siam BTS station to Taling Chan While you’re at Taling Chan, don’t miss the khlong tour. It’s a hour tour of the neighboring canals and you’ll see wats, houses on stilts and perhaps even giant monitor lizards. There’s also a 3 hour tour at 120 baht, which takes you to more places Popular belief of Thai Buddhists is merit making, the act of releasing a captive being in order to gain good merit or karma. Whether its a turtle, bird, fish, each has a symbolic meaning. If you release that one you get ten years of good fortune to your life..

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