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3,500-ft High Chinese Glass Bridge Cracks | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored, people who walk on glass bridges shouldn’t throw stones… or mugs. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. You know, many great feats of man have been brought low by the simplest of things. The mighty walls of Helms Deep—destroyed by a single orc. The proud Death Star—annihilated by a single space wizard. And the mighty Samuel L Jackson… Now, everyone knows that ‘made in China’ and ‘quality’ go hand in hand, in the same way that ‘one more drink’ and ‘good decisions’ do. That’s why tourists felt confident in the safety of this glass walk way, built thirty-five hundred feet in the air along China’s Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot. I mean, wouldn’t you walk on it? It even got the approval of Chinese officials, known for their trustworthiness, who told people it was exceptionally safe. It was after all three quarters of an inch thick and treated to resist not just bending, but shattering as well. So what could go wrong?! Well, apparently it shattered. But only a little bit according to park officials who admitted to finding “a small amount of cracks.” Or a terrifying amount, according to a female tourist who said on social media that there was a loud bang and everybody was screaming. The social media post has been removed. So really, who knows? But one thing’s clear: She posted this photo of it on Weibo…which is really unclear. So no one is quite sure exactly how much this very, very high up glass bridge cracked after less than a month of being open to the public. But how could engineers have foreseen the cataclysmic event that would humble their efforts? According to the People’s Daily Online, one of the tourists dropped a stainless steel mug on it. How can you plan for that?! Next you’ll be telling me the Titanic should have had more lifeboats on deck “just in case.” As if you could predict the sinking of an unsinkable ship. And anyway this kind of thing happens all the time, the Chinese park management reassured people. Back in 2014, a glass beer bottle shattered one layer of glass on the walkway at London’s Tower Bridge… Which to be fair, I wouldn’t be walking on in the first place, given the notorious reputation for London bridges falling down, falling down. The bridge in Yuntai Mountain has been closed for now. But soon they’ll open it back up to the public again. Do you think you’ll be visiting? It’s a great view! Let me know in the comments below. Once again I’m Chris Chappell, see you next time. Ah! Great shoot, guys! Well done! (Boom) If after watching that, you still want to walk on the Yuntai Mountain glass bridge, then you might be the kind of person who would also participate in the most dangerous boat race in the world. Check it out on Seeker Daily. You see this? That’s China building its first homemade aircraft carrier, called the Type 001A.. As found on Youtube Wanna Go?