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The World’s Most Interesting Restaurants!

Here are the most interesting restaurants all over the world! Haohai (Ho-hi) Robot Restaurant, China Sometimes a moody waiter can ruin your big night. How about a waiter with no emotions at all? At the Haohai Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China, a delicious assortment of dumplings and noodles are served up by a staff of courteous droids. No emotion, just a friendly greeting from an usher robot saying, “Earth person hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant.” According to Liu Ha-sheng, the restaurant’s chief engineer, they spent about 600,000 dollars creating the restaurant. Each robot costs 25,000 dollars, and the whole 20 robot staff is managed from a central computer room. Yes, robots have bosses too, but this staff never complains. On a two-hour charge, the robots work a five hour shift with no breaks and no chit-chat. A whiny droid like C3PO would never make it there. 10. Alcatraz Prison Restaurant, Hong Kong Prison food doesn’t have the best reputation, but this restaurant in Hong Kong has brought prison chow to a whole new level. Alcatraz Prison restaurant looks and feels like a jail. Bars slam behind you as you enter this ominous eatery. A frighteningly realistic guard fingerprints and photographs you before leading you to your cell in handcuffs. Once there, convict waiters in black in white stripes bring you fried, coffin shaped bread. Wow, this place just sounds so……..delightful. The restaurant owners got the idea from the 1996 film, “The Rock,” starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage, which was about Alcatraz prison. These entrepreneurs were so impressed by Nicholas Cage’s acting ability that they decided to create a restaurant to match the Alcatraz decor, right down to the rusting prison bars and dismal atmosphere. The idea paid off and the restaurant is surprisingly popular. But don’t worry if you can’t afford the Alcatraz Restaurant. Just smash a window in Hong Kong, and you can eat in a real prison for free. I hear the food’s not as good, though. 9. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan What could be better than eating on the toilet? Apparently, eating out of a toilet. In the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan you can do both. This restaurant looks like a giant bathroom, with shower heads on the walls and plungers hanging from the ceilings. The chairs are real toilets, and dishes come served up in miniature toilet bowls. The drinks come in small urinals, of course, which you can take home as souvenirs. The owner of the restaurant an ex-banker who got the idea for the bathroom theme from a robot character in the Japanese cartoon Dr. Slump who loved to "play with poop and swirl it on a stick." He first started by selling swirled chocolate ice cream on top of paper squat toilets in a shop. The shop was so popular he started the restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Surprisingly popular, Modern Toilet has become a chain, with 12 restaurants in Taiwan and more planned in Malaysia. The food is supposed to be good

🇧🇿 Travel Tips: Belize, Caye Caulker | DIY Travel | #seeittobelizeit 🇧🇿

If you want to detox from social media and relax in an irie atmosphere there’s one place in Central America you have to visit. See it to belize it is the hashtag everybody uses on Instagram and Discover how to BE seems to be their latest campaign Belize is located next to Mexico and Guatemala and most travelers that visit, come from these neighboring countries just like I did. I took a bus to Belize which costs around 30-40 dollars and once you cross the borders you pay approx 40 dollars tourist tax. I stayed 2 nights in Belize city before taking the water taxi to Caye Caulker a small island that everybody visits once they get to Belize. The water taxi goes almost every hour and costs 25 us dollars for a round trip. You can also buy the tickets before online, I will include a link for it in the description box. The ride takes about 20-30 min and once I arrived I walked to my hostel. I stopped every 2 seconds because everything I saw was so colorful, breath taking and photogenic. Plus my favorite part about Caye Caulker was that I could walk bare foot the whole day! Simply amazing and something I can’t even do anymore in Cape Vert I stayed for 2 nights and that’s all you’ll need because Caye Caulker is a small island so what should you do while you’re here? A sailing and snorkeling trip is a must because who wouldn’t want to explore these beautiful crystal clear waters? The captain of the boat is Steve and he works with two others who are also on the boat During our boat trip breakfast and lunch was included and we stopped a couple of times to go snorkeling and even swim with the sharks! I don’t remember the price for the trip but will include the link to their site below Another thing you can also do on the island and what I love to do in general is walking If you walk around the island you’ll probably reach your required 10.000 steps and you’ll have beautiful views of the place My stay was short but there are 3 places I can recommend for food. First is Rose’s Grill & Bar if you want to have the catch of the day and delicious lobster. I had a small lobster and it cost me 25 belizian dollars. I went back the next day so I could film the place as it was dark when I was there. The Ice and Beans Coffee Shop is another must on the island and you have to try the mini donuts. the owner is a friendly guy from poland who opened this coffee shop that sells these tasty treats and flavored iced coffees. And as with any restaurant or place in Belize the view that comes with it is an instagram moment. Make sure you also try the bread pudding. There’s a bread pudding lady on the island that sells

Traveling in Tuscany: The Best Wine Tasting & Wine Tours WINE TV

Wanna Go? (upbeat music) - We traveled over 5,000 miles from home to take you on a trip to Tuscany. Sun kissed vineyards, cypress trees, medieval towns, just some of the intoxicating sights you'll see in Tuscany. Where the middle ages are alive in the modern day. Situated between the cities of Sienna and Florence sit nine municipalities that make up the coveted Chianti Classico Wine Region. But, behind the rolling hills are real people who dedicate their lives to bringing these wines to life. Tune in today as we give you a taste of the toast of Tuscany. - [Local] Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places and has the best reputation. - [Monique] If anyone knows the land's bountiful beauty, it's Conte Sebastiano Capponi. His family first bought this Grave and Chianti Estate Winery in 1524, even after 20 generations, the past is present and comes back to life on the back of every bottle. - It's known as the most soul and senator and for 20 years, they have to find a sort of brand for Tuscany cousin Will the third. (Italian language) - [Monique] But, their ancient history doesn't keep them from forward thinking. - For the production parts, I have two very good cell masters, one woman and one man because it is very important to have both palettes because women and men have different palettes. - [Monique] How do you think men and women's palettes are different? - Women are usually much better descriptors, another thing they tend to know, at least in my case, they tend to have more of an approach like mother to babies with wine. So, they tend to know the babies very well. So, when I'm doing a blind tasting and my, Sabrina was a woman cell master, she will more or less know what wine is it. Yes, she's very good at that. - [Monique] Women have good attention to detail. - [Sebastiano] Men have vision, women take care of nitty gritty details. That's usually, that is usually the case. - [Monique] They're the dreamers. - I know. - [Monique] We make it happen. Established in 1385, Antinori's ancient roots run deep. Now, 26 generations later, the family maintains a leader in Italian wines by practicing three principles. Passion, tradition and institution. - Antinori is 2,000 acres vineyard in Italy. We have a lot of estates all around the world and but at the same time, we are real family. I feel the presence of the history and I think that we have to work in the right way to maintain the history but at the same time, to go ahead with the renovation. - [Monique] For the first time in the family's 625 year history, you can now see the wine making process for yourself at the family's new state of the art facility. Why did you guys decide to open to the public? - [Sara] To share with other people the knowledge of how a wine is done because

The 10 STRANGEST TRADITIONS from Around the World!

Wanna Go? - Hey, welcome to the video. We're going to have some fun today. So all of us have traditions in our lives in one form or another. That's pretty universal. Every country and culture practices some sort of tradition. For example, here in North America Christmas is a very popular tradition, where we exchange gifts and then fight over who gets the last of the rum and egg nog. But not all traditions are that simple. In fact, some are quite intense or even downright strange. So this week to give you a better understanding of the world that we live in, I gathered some of the oddest traditions to share with you all. So here they are, the 10 strangest traditions from around the world. Number one is baby tossing. In the western state of Maharashtra in India, there is a near 700 year old tradition of parents dropping their new born babies off of the roofs of temples. The newborns are dropped from a height of 15 meters who are then caught by in a sheet being held by men below. Although not widely practiced there are many villages who still partake in this yearly tradition, which is said to bring health and prosperity to ones family. Surprisingly, despite how dangerous this tradition is, there has never been an injury reported. You know, just coming from a practical point of view, I feel like if you want your baby to be healthy just get them an immunization shot. You get all the health benefits you're looking for without the pesky risk of you know, death. Number two is the Kanamara Matsuri. In Kawaskai, Japan there's an annual tradition held every spring known as the Kanamara Matsuri or simply the penis festival. Sure why not. The central theme of the event is you guessed it, the penis. Which is reflected in illustrations, decorations, and even carved vegetables, and candy. A giant wooden falice is hoisted into the air and carried across town, which is said to bring prosperity to businesses and married couples, as well as divine protection from STDs. In fact, it's become a major tourist attraction with much of the money going to HIV research. See this is the type of festival where you're going to want to be aware the type of food you're consuming while there. For example, I wouldn't recommend eating a banana. There's too much risk of making eye contact with someone while you're eating it. Think about it. Number three, is the funeral rituals of Toraja. The people of the Tana Toraja regency in Indonesia have a very unique tradition when it comes to their dead. Funerals are very elaborate and expensive, so dead relatives are often kept in temporary coffins until the families can pay for the funeral. Which can often take years. The Toraja have a great respect for their dead, so during this waiting period the bodies of loved ones are often exhumed so that they can be cared for.

Things to do in Budapest, Hungary: Night Life : Cultural Festivals & Events in Budapest

Wanna Go? Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sarah Satmari, and I'm a tour guide in Budapest and I work for Yellow Zebra Absolute Tours, and we're here on behalf of Expert Village. Now when you arrive at Budapest, then you can see that there is a wide variety of choices in connection with cultural festivals and events. Here you find rock bands, belly dancers, and festivals, dozen of festivals. For example, here in Budapest we organize, the Hungarians organize the biggest European summer music festival, The Island Festival, the Sziget Festival for example. Just come here and see it, because this is what you really have to see, the biggest European music festival. Or you're interested in classical music a little more, then you should come maybe to the Autumn Festival, The Autumn Music Festival or the Spring Music Festival.. As found on Youtube Wanna Go?