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Top 10 OLDEST CITIES in the WORLD 10. Damascus, Syria The capital of Syria, Damascus is also the second largest city of the country with the population of about million people. The history of the city goes back to the 10,000-8,000 BC, though the exact time is still debated. Damascus is recognized as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Situated between Africa and Asia, the city has an advantageous geographical location at the crossroads of the East and the West. From time immemorial, Damascus was a significant cultural, commercial, and administrative center. It was a destination of local and overseas traders and craftsmen. The city is marked by several civilizations that had created it: Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic. The old-walled city amazes with ancient architecture, narrow alleys, green courtyards, and white houses. However, the age-old architecture somewhat contrasts with the flood of tourists who come from all over the world to see this breathtaking place. 9. Athens, Greece The cradle of Western civilization, Athens is the capital of Greece with the population of about three million people. It’s been inhabited for more than 7,000 years, and the design of the city is marked by Ottoman, Byzantine, and Roman civilizations. It’s a birthplace of outstanding philosophers, writers, dramatists, artists, and the classical style that they gave rise to. Modern Athens is a cosmopolitan city. It’s the cultural, media, educational, political, and industrial center of Greece. The historical center of the city is composed of Acropolis (“high city”), a huge hill with the remnants of ancient buildings, and Parthenon. Since Athens is acknowledged to be a tremendous archeological research center, it’s full of historical museums, including the National Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum, and the New Acropolis Museum. When visiting Athens, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the Port of Piraeus, which has been the most important port of the Mediterranean for centuries due to its geo-strategic location. 8. Byblos, Lebanon Byblos is another cradle of many ancient civilizations. It’s one of the oldest cities of Phoenicia and has been continually inhabited for about 5,000 years, even though the first signs of settlement go back to earlier periods. Byblos is directly related to the development of Phoenician alphabet, which is in use even now. Interestingly, the English word Bible is derived from the name of the town, since Byblos was an important port through which the papyrus was imported. Byblos is a popular tourist destination these days thanks to how much it has to offer, including ancient citadels and temples, picturesque views overlooking the Mediterranean, antique ruins, and the port. It’s become a modern city over the years, but you can easily see the touch of antiquity. It’s got a strong combination of tradition and sophistication, and is still driven by its ancient heart. 7. Jerusalem, Israel Jerusalem is one of the most-visited cities in the Middle East and is also the most important religious destination in the world. Jerusalem is known to be a holy place

11 Amazing Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the largest and most influential city of Malaysia. A population of Malays, Chinese, Indians, and others form around the world, makes the city a melting pot of coexisting cultures that each preserves their own customs, traditions, and cuisines. The mixture of ethnicities, ancient architecture and modern skyscrapers, and most importantly, the mouthwatering food, makes Kuala Lumpur a fantastic city to visit. Now, let's start with these 11 things to do in Kuala Lumpur. Nothing dominates the skyline and screams Kuala Lumpur more than the monster twin towers, which come in at number one. So, I am at the base of the Petronas Towers. These are by far the most iconic landmarks in the city. At the ground level is a big shopping center, and then, you can actually go to the, I think it's the forty first floor or something like that, and there's a sky bridge where you can get a great view of the city from there. There’s a beautiful park right next to the Petronas Towers that has some of the best drinking fountains I’ve ever seen in my life. Number two is the historical district of old central Kuala Lumpur. The area makes a great place for a walking tour. Despite all the modern sky scrapers in Kuala Lumpur, there's still a historic area. I'm just near the old railroad station, and I'm doing a little walk around to see some of the most historical, and some of the most prized buildings in Kuala Lumpur. So now I'm here at the entrance of Kuala Lumpur's National Mosque. Merdeka Square which is the Independence Monument, and it's home to a ninety five meter flag pole which is among the tallest in the entire world. Number three is the Menara KL Tower. At four hundred twenty one meters in height, the insanely tall communications tower touches the heavens. Dine at a sky restaurant or just admire the unbelievable panoramic view from the top. One the top of the KL Meanara Tower, at some absurd height up here, pretty scared out of my mind to sit on this ledge, but luckily I am strapped in so I don't fall off. Number four is Little India, known better as Brickfields. KL has a lot of Indian areas of town, but the area of Brickfields is known as the largest little Indian in Kuala Lumpur. Brickfields is home to Hindu temples, small food markets, stores selling saris and other Indian clothing, and a tempting collection of mostly south indian restaurants. I personally go there for the food. Number five, located on Petaling street and popular with both locals and tourists, is Kuala Lumpurs Chinatown. I am in Chinatown on Petaling street, and you can see lots of different stall of clothes, mostly clothes, shoes, watches, dvd's, handbags, all kinds of stuff like that, there are also lots of restaurants both on this street and on the streets surrounding the area of Chinatown. Number six is the Thean Hou Chinese temple. Built by the

1 Week in TOKYO | Japan Trip Plan | Best way to plan your JAPAN trip

Hey everyone it's Kim Dao here, welcome back to my channel! So in today's video, I'm going to tell you guys how how I'm going to plan a 1 trip in Japan. There is so much to do and see in Tokyo But I tried my best to put in as many things as I can including shopping, sightseeing, just chilling and relaxing in Tokyo. So in particular today, I want to introduce to you guys a website called Odigo, where you can organize and plan your travel to Japan Just to let you guys know, I am also going to be doing a little bit of work with Odigo whilst I'm in Japan. So I'm actually going to be travelling all over Japan~! But anyway~! Today I'm going to show you how to use this website. So first off what you do on the front page is that you can scroll down and you can read up a lot of information about travelling to Japan And there is a lot of information according to different areas. But what I'm going to show you quickly today is how to create your own trip. It's pretty simple, so first off you have to put in where you are going and how long you are going for. And all you have to do on this page is add in areas where you want to go on your trip. So for example, I'm just going to search up Shibuya~ and then I'm going to add in some places that I would recommend you guys to see and then adding that to my trip~! And then you can just go through different days And then put in what you want to travel, into each day just to organize everything. So now I'm going to be telling you guys what I recommend you do on your first week in Tokyo! Of course, you can change things around because not everyone is going to do the things that I would want to do. So let's start the 1 week in Japan! On the first day, I recommend you guys to go to Shibuya So in Shibuya there are a lot of places you can shop in For example, Shibuya109 or you can go to the central Shibuya area And also! Don't forget to check out Hachiko in front of Shibuya station. From there you can either walk, or you can take the train to Harajuku. The first place to go once you get to Harajuku is definitely Takeshita Dori. And this has many many cheap shops down this area, and also a lot of cool things So whilst you're in Takeshita Dori why don't you try out some crepes? I personally think the clothes in Harajuku are very young, But if you like more mature clothing then check out Omote Sando. which is just about a 5 minute walk away. Also there are a lot of funky things around the Harajuku / Omote Sando area Like the Kawaii Monster

41 BEST THINGS TO DO IN BANGKOK (Part 1: OLD BANGKOK #1-15) | Bangkok Travel Guide

You'll find Old Bangkok, the historical heart of a larger city. With wats, buddhas and traditional ways. Here's part one of a two part video showing you just some of the things you can do when you're in historical Bangkok. A ride on the Chao Phraya commuter Ferry is a must. It's a scenic ride of river houses on stilts, and the Chao PHraya River traffic. Right off the Phra Chan pier and not far from the Bangkok National Museum, is the amulet market. These talismans are said to protect its possessor from death and its courted by serious collectors, monks, and people in dangerous professions. Some amulet vendors have a very unique collection. Wat Arun. otherwise called the Temple of Dawn. is an impressively decorative Khmer-style wat which you can see from the river Here we are inside Wat Phoand this is just quads and quads of wats and complexes, where eyou can see different types of buddhas. They're all pretty giant. Wat Pho is also Thailand`s main school for traditional Thai medicine and massage. A perfect spot to experienceauthentic Thai massage. Everything here is pretty ornate, I'd love to see it her at night when everything is lit up. I'm taking a yuk tuk tour. A wonderfully unique and fun way to see and experience historical Bangkok at night is to take a night yuk-tuk tour with Expique. Sights, nightlife, food and cultural insight, you you can experience the beauty/ action of Bangkok when the sun goes down. Here we are in the Flower Market. The Flower Market is Bangkok's largest 24 hour flower market and it's where flower dealers from all over Thailand come to sell their flowers. Roaming the streets here is a colourful and fragrant experience. Main selling and trading however, happens at 2am, so if you want to see the market in full swing, get ready to beat the sun. Pad Thai is the national noodle in Thailand and you'll find Thai lining up for what's said to be the best pad thai in Bangkok. I'm outside the gate so the Golden Mount and already you can hear the bells ring. It takes 344 steps . Along the way you have waterfalls and beautiful statues. You can easily forget your 344 steps. Here's I've got a lotus flower, candle, incense, and a paper with gold leaf on it, which I will place on the Buddha at the end. The golden mount is one of the highest points in Bangkk and the view from up here is pretty spectacular. Rice cream Sandwich. Ice cream on a hot dog bun. Ooh, it's cold.

Discover NEW YORK Tour | Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island | Travel Big Apple NYC

This Edition of TIMELINE presents «Discover NEW YORK CITY». The City of New York is situated on the Timeline at the end of the nineteenth century. Although founded in the early 1600s, modern New York City was consolidated and formed in 1898. To put this in perspective, Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860 and World War Two ended in 1945. New York City, often called the Big Apple, is the largest city in the United States and the center of global finance, communications, entertainment, and business. New York is unusual among cities because of its high residential density, its extraordinarily diverse population, its hundreds of tall office and apartment buildings, its thriving central business district, its extensive public transportation system, and its more than 400 distinct neighborhoods. The city’s concert houses, museums, galleries, and theaters constitute an ensemble of cultural richness rivaled by few cities. The greater metropolitan region is an impressive urban agglomeration of almost 24 million people. The population of New York City itself is over 8 million. Each of its five boroughs is large enough to be an important city in its own right, with populations exceeding those of many major North American cities. New York is the most ethnically diverse city in the world. Millions of immigrants entered the United States through Ellis Island in Upper New York Bay. A building complex on the Island served as a district headquarters for U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services until 1954. New York City still contains 2 million foreign-born residents. 11 out of every 20 New Yorkers are immigrants or the children of immigrants. These eclectic cultures from around the world are reflected in the street festivals and ethnic celebrations that take place year-round. Although many maps of New York exist, Timeline’s choice is a simple map that is easy to comprehend, and fun to replicate for school projects. Now, let’s explore each part of this map: The city developed at the point where the Hudson River mingles with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Long Island Sound. The harbor consists of the Upper Bay, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean, and the various waterways that border the city, including the East River, which is actually a salt water tidal strait. New York’s harbor is one of the largest and finest in the world and is ice-free in all seasons. Unlike most American cities, which make up only a part of a particular county, New York City is made up of five separate counties, which are called boroughs. Originally the city included only the borough of Manhattan, located on an island between the

New York City Travel Guide

Okay. So I have been a host to friends and family and it finally dawned on me that I should be filming this. So here is my first video on things to do here in NYC. Depending on how this goes, I'll do more and I'll focus on neighborhoods, entertainment, shopping, food. But yeah, this is just to get you hyped! So take a walk with me, and see what I see. If you guys like this, make sure you like, comment and subscribe. And yeah, this is my homegirl Liinda, sick a-- dancer. And if you're like my mom, you wanna do the touristy things. I.e., see the Statue of Liberty. And because of hurricane Sandy, Ellis island is closed so you can only appreciate her from a boat. And this is the high line. It spans from 14th street to... 34th street, I believe. And it's free, you get some good, cool views. And there's also Central Park. Cliche', and a must. But if you wanna do something fun and active, go check out the boathouse. They rent out boats for $12 an hour. And all you gotta do is put a deposit of $20. Everything is cash... and so cute. So then after that, there's Magnolia Bakery. It used to be a secret, it ain't no more. Their banana pudding. If you do not have a Magnolia Bakery by you, you need to try this. Yummy in your tummy. And then next step is Katz's Deli. It's historical, they're famous for their sandwiches, particularly their pastrami sandwich. I don't eat pastrami. And yes there are tourists, but you just gotta do it. Ladies, hit up Patricia Field. She is a New York City fashion fixture. She's a costume designer, made famous for her designs in The Devil Wears Prada and Sex in the City. Her store is fun, fun, fun. A drag queen's closet. I like to get a lot of my accessories from this spot, okay? Okay, and if you don't wanna walk around everywhere, if you wanna do something fun and active, rent a bike. You can cover a whole lot more ground with these Citibikes. And then you bike your way over to Caracas. It's an arepa bar in the East Village. The food is delicious, the prices are ideal for you starving artists. It's so good. Platanos, and guacamole. And summer isn't summer in New York City without hitting up a rooftop. This is the Jimmy rooftop at the St. James hotel. There is a doorman, which means they can turn your a-- down. So make sure you dress to impress. And do not travel in packs of men. Big New York no-no. Okay? So what do you do after you party? You pray! You pray. You guys need to check out Times

“Breakfast at Barcelona” Ozziesescape’s photos around Barcelona, Spain (spain and canary islands)

Sunrise first morning by TravelPod member ozziesescape Frog Candies by TravelPod member ozziesescape Sunrise first morning by TravelPod member ozziesescape Mercado by TravelPod member ozziesescape Fried Egg Candies by TravelPod member ozziesescape Happy Fruit Candies by TravelPod member ozziesescape Colorful Candy Display by TravelPod member ozziesescape Chocolate Soccer Balls by TravelPod member ozziesescape Our Breakfast by TravelPod member ozziesescape Peppers by TravelPod member ozziesescape Morning Sunflower by TravelPod member ozziesescape Morning Tulip by TravelPod member ozziesescape Morning Daisey by TravelPod member ozziesescape. As found on YoutubeWanna Go?

London Travel Guide: Visit London and explore London’s many museums and trendy districts | SAS

London is very fast-paced. London can take people in from all over the world and make them feel at home very quickly. -I've been here for 10 years. -I've been here for 24 years now. It's every italian boy's dream to have a beautiful Swedish girlfriend. -Really? -It feels pretty good. -You talk so much... -Am I being too goody-goody? Over the years by best friends from Stockholm all, one by one, moved here. Now I have my little unit. I live in Brixton. Why do you laugh at me? -That's very vibrant. -It's not the most vibrant! -It's not dangerous. -Soho is the most vibrant place. But everyone knows Soho. -Come to Brixton, it's cool. -It's a nice area. It's really up and coming, it's colourful and very cultural. You come here and do what you need to do. When you're done, you can either stay or go somewhere else. -You know what I mean? -OK, you're going to be serious now. We really enjoy very similar things. -The first things that come to mind... -Food. -The diversity of what you can eat here... -It's unbelievable. I've never been to another place like that. -Have you? -No. London is a city know for its museums, like Rome is for churches. The fabric of the city means that on a daily basis you can come across ten different cultures and languages. And this is part of the reason why we like it so much. You know, Swedish and Italian... It's just another day in London, really.. As found on YoutubeWanna Go?

London Video Tour: Kensington & Chelsea

Hi. I'm David Hill with New York Habitat. Welcome to our video tour of Kensington, not only a great place to stay in the heart of the city but also home to some of the city's best shopping. London is divided into local authority districts known as Boroughs. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the most densely populated in the UK and one of the wealthiest. Kensington and Chelsea runs from the River Thames in the south to the Harrow Road in the north. It's approximately 4 miles long and 2 miles wide. This is the most popular destination for visitors looking for short term accommodation in London. If you are coming to London for the shopping then Kensington and Chelsea is the place to be! Here on the Kensington High Street you can enjoy some retail therapy at well known UK shopping outlets. Why not take a stroll down Kings Road in the heart of Chelsea, a highly fashionable area for Londoners to shop and be seen! At the top end of the Kings Road is Sloane Square. From Sloane Square you can walk up Sloane Street passing some of the world's most famous retail outlets: Gucci, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Prada and more. Sloane Street hits Knightsbridge just below London's Hyde Park and just around the corner you will find probably London's most renowned department store: Harrods. This wonderful building is the Natural History Museum, home to some 70 million specimens. The Science Museum and the 'Victoria and Albert' Museum are only yards away. Between the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park and the Natural History Museum is the Royal Albert Hall. This building is renowned as home to the summer 'Proms' every year since 1941. South Kensington is a thriving hub of art and culture. New York Habitat has a wide range of apartments throughout Kensington and Chelsea. From small studios to luxury townhouses there are plenty of options to choose from! Take a look through our inventory. Kensington and Chelsea may be one of the UKs wealthiest areas but there are some real gems here that won't break the bank! Immortalised by the Hollywood movie starring Julia Roberts, Notting Hill has a unique charm. Renowned for its artistic culture it attracted a migrant Caribbean and Mediterranean population before becoming highly desirable in the 1990s. If you are looking for trendy little-known designers, second hand clothes, or antiques then Portobello Market is the place to come to. Diverse and colourful, just like the architecture, there is something for everyone! Make sure you head down to Portobello on a Saturday for the open markets! If you are in need of a quiet

Moscow Vacation Travel Guide

  Moscow is situated in western Russia, close to the country’s border with the Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia. Lying on the Moskva River, it is the country’s capital and its largest and richest city. Moscow holds a special place in the world’s imagination. Opulent, spectacular and grandiose, Moscow has been at the epicentre of some of history’s most pivotal moments. It echoes with stories of triumph, tragedy and innovation. Stories of legendary tsars and literary greats….. political revolutions and the international space race that changed the world forever. Today Moscow continues to fascinate. Thoroughly modern and with a European air, it has a population of more than 11 million people, the world’s highest concentration of billionaires and an attitude befitting one of the world’s great cities. There is no better place to hear the whispered tales of Moscow’s past, than in Red Square - Moscow’s very heart. Admire St Basil’s Cathedral, a building so magnificent, that according to legend, Ivan the Terrible had the architect’s eyes removed so he could never again build anything so beautiful. The Kremlin is another Moscow icon. and has been home to the city’s ruling elite for a thousand years. Visit the Cathedral of the Archangel, the Cathedral of the Annunciation and Ivan the Great’s Bell Tower, all within these red walls. Many of Moscow’s most famous stories have been forged in the fires of war. Pass through gates into Alexander Garden. The park pays tribute to Moscow’s unbreakable spirit and is home to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  Nearby Victory Park is another powerful tribute to those who fell defending the city, including the millions of soviet soldiers who died in the second world war. As the cold war between the US and Russia intensified a different battle began the race for supremacy of the heavens.  Again, Moscow was right at the epicentre. Visit the Monument to the Conquerors of space, a towering memorial that celebrates the aerospace triumphs of the soviet people. Learn more about the space race and the epic contest between the world’s super powers at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonauts. Immerse yourself in one of Moscow’s proudest stories that of Yuri Gagarin, who shocked the rest of the world and became a national hero when he became the first ever man in space. In Moscow, artists and literary greats are honoured as heroes just as much as adventurers. Visit the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts to see to some classic works by Russian and European masters. Watch a performance at the Bolshoi, one of the oldest and most renowned theatres in the world. Walk the same streets as some of the world’s greatest writers including Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Chekhov. There is such a proud literary tradition in this city that many of its beautiful parks are named after influential poets and authors. Relax beside the fountain in Pushkin square or stroll along the boulevards in Gorky Park, Moscow’s famous central park. Take a haunting tour through the Fallen Monument Park. When the Soviet