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Top 10 National Flags – South Korea, USA, Nepal, Canada, UK, Bhutan, Mexico

World's best flags. A website named had polled among its readers to choose the best flag in the world. In which, Nepal's flag was ranked second. In today's '10 talks of Anand', I am talking about the top 10 best flags in the world. In addition to the flags, the background music also corresponds to a part of the national anthem of the country. In the 10th position, the flag of South Korea. (music - the national anthem of South Korea) The 9th best flag is the flag of the USA. (music - the national anthem of the USA) The 8th best flag is that of South Africa. (music - the national anthem of the South Africa.) The 7th best flag is the flag of Bhutan. (music - the national anthem of the Bhutan) The 6th best flag is the flag of Mexico. (music - the national of the Mexico) The 5th best flag is the flag of Brazil. (music - the national anthem of the Brazil) The 4th best flag is the flag of the United Kingdom (music - the national anthem of the United Kingdom) The 3rd best flag is the flag of Canada. (music - the national anthem of Canada) The 2nd best flag is the flag of Nepal (music - the national anthem of Nepal) The best flag in the world is the flag of Albania. (music - the national anthem of Albania) (music - all the national anthems of the respective flags.. #travel #travelgram #instatravel #traveling #travelling #travelphotography #traveler #travelingram #igtravel #mytravelgram #travelblogger #discover As found on Youtube Wanna Go?

Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC Trip

The worst-kept secret about DC is that there’s an endless amount of exciting things to do for free. Here’s how you can take advantage of it all during springtime, one of the best seasons for getting in on the fun. And if you're looking for even more discounted fun this summer, get up to 40% off on popular paid attractions with the Go Washington, DC Explorer Pass. Pick up either a three- or five-choice pass and experience everything from tickets to Madame Tussauds Washington D.C., Bike and Roll rentals, a Big Bus hop on-hop off bus tour, Boating in DC, the Newseum, National Geographic Museum and International Spy Museum, among others.     #travel #travelgram #instatravel #traveling #travelling #travelphotography #traveler #travelingram #igtravel #mytravelgram #travelblogger #discover As found on Youtube Wanna Go?

Small Business Travel: Strategic Ways to Increase Your Return on Travel with Marriott and Visa

Eddie: Thank you for joining our 2014 Small Business Week Webinar, Small Business Travel: Strategic Ways to Increase your Return on Travel. At this time I would like to formally begin todayís webinar and introduce Candace Stenett from Score. Candace: Thanks, Eddie. As Eddie mentioned, weíve got a great presentation today by Marriott and Visa on small business travel. Before we begin, Iíd like to chat with you about how you can get free advice on business travel or any other small business topic or challenge. Next slide please. SCORE is America Small Business Resource. We offer free advice to those that want to start, grow, or even exit their small business. We also offer free and low cost workshops online and in communities across the nation. SCORE was formed in 1964 as a resource partner of the small business administration. Since then weíve helped over 10 million people in pursuit of their business goals. Weíre proud to join the SBA in celebrating the success of entrepreneurs across America in this yearís small business week, and weíre also celebrating our 50th anniversary. Thatís 50 years of helping aspiring and existing small businesses succeed. Since 2009 alone, weíve helped over 200,000 businesses start, helped more than 230,000 businesses increase revenue, and helped create over 250,000 jobs. Thatís success that weíre certainly proud of and a small business owner should be proud of it too because it helps strengthen our economy. How do we achieve this success? SCORE offers over 320 chapters with over 11,000 volunteers stretched across the nation providing free mentoring and local educational workshops. We also offer free mentoring and a variety of business tools on How does SCORE help you? If you have a question about writing a business plan, developing a social media strategy, analyzing financial ratios, and making the most of your small business travel, our mentors are here to help. Our volunteers are successful business owners or executives that have walked in your shoes and are willing to share their knowledge to help you avoid common pitfalls and achieve your goals. Itís also free. Again, we have a variety of services available to help you grow and start a small business. You can get free face to face or online mentoring. You can take part in an educational workshop online at or in your local chapter. You can participate in our small business round tables that are available in a chapter near you. Thereís our facilitated peer sessions discussing critical business topics. Weíve got thousands of free templates, tools, articles, blogs, videos, and other resources that can help educate you on topics affecting small business landscape. The biggest benefit of SCORE mentoring and resources is that you donít have to go it alone. In addition to providing all of our free tools online, you do have experts that you can call on whenever you need to provide objective sound advice. As youíre listening to todayís presentation, I encourage you to jot down a few questions then

How To Pack A Carry On Suitcase: Women’s Version

In this video I hope to show you most of the tips that I know for packing everything into a piece of carry on luggage. This is my standard suitcase that I use for trips and I just packed it for two conferences in two different climates - one in Seattle, one in Tulsa, Oklahoma - for six full days, and everything went into that carry on. So, I'll show you how I did that. First of all, I wore this outfit on the plane. It was probably my heaviest shoes, with some basic pants. No belt because that's a hassle going through security, and a top and then the bulkiest cotton sweater that I have. I also had to bring on a jacket because we're in October; wouldn't have to deal with that if it was summertime. With regard to your shoes: yeah, normally I don't wear socks or hose or anything, but going through TSA (barefoot, floors) gross, gross, gross! Dig out some knee-highs and stick 'em on. So: simple, comfortable, pull-on outfit to wear on the plane. Inside the carry on suitcase.... I'll open it up here.... this is a TravelPro Rollaboard. This is what it looks like inside. OK, it's got a pocket up on top with things that I have (you know - dirty underwear.) I'm back from the trip now, so this is the suitcase after the trip. The T-shirt that I sleep in. A sign that says "This bag belongs to:" with my information in case the front tag blows up and falls off. Hair brushes, basic things. And glasses - I normally wear contacts but you always take your spare glasses. As I mentioned, the tag only has my name and my cell phone number so I don't have to update it, it's always correct. This is how everything looks when I open up the suitcase. I do use the little strappy things because it sorta keeps things from moving around, and I have my quart-sized Ziplock bag of my allowable TSA fluids right here on top so I can pull it out separately from the rest of my clothing. So, we'll just dig through this really quick; I'll show you how I laid it out, how I got everything in here and then I'll have - you can see across this - this is my bedroom.... you can see all the clothes laid out in a separate scene, so you can see what all went into the bag. So, those go to that side, this is a jersey knit (I'm

Chicago Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Chicago is situated in the Great Lakes region of the American Midwest, in the state of Illinois. Rising from the edges of Lake Michigan, Chicago began as a tiny trading post at the mouth of the Chicago River, and has boomed into a modern global center of commerce and culture. The Windy City has always been driven by an unshakable optimism and can-do attitude. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which destroyed half the city, was seized upon as an opportunity for the metropolis to reinvent itself. What followed was the biggest building boom in US history and a skyline that is almost beyond beautiful. Start your visit in The Loop - the central business district encircled by the 'L', Chicago's elevated train line. The streets within The Loop are a showcase of architecture, from the world's first high-rises, to the cloud-piercing towers of today. Willis Tower held the title of world's tallest building for almost 25 years. Take the 60-second ride to the Skydeck. On a really windy day you might even feel the building sway a little, but don't panic, it was designed to do just that. The Loop also contains some amazing outdoor sculpture and an historic theater district which makes the area feel like a cross between a museum and a film set. Running north from The Loop is the Magnificent Mile, where you'll be able to gaze up at even more wonders from the Chicago School of architecture. Looking a little out of place is the Old Water Tower, a lone, but much-loved survivor from the Chicago Fire. Shop 'til you drop in the upscale boutiques which line The Magnificent Mile's wide boulevards. And when it's time to refuel, sink your teeth into a deep dish pizza - an old Chicago favorite. Following the south bank of the Chicago River and winding between the canyons of glass and steel, The Riverwalk offers a relaxing change of pace from the downtown bustle. Still within The Loop is Millennium Park. Once the site of railway yards and car parks, the area has been transformed into what critics have hailed as 'the future of parks'. The centerpieces of this visionary space are the Frank Gehry-designed Jay Pritzker Pavilion and the BP Footbridge. The park showcases a number of public sculptures, including a futuristic stainless steel archway to the city, Cloud Gate, or as it's affectionately known to locals - 'The Bean'. Just across the road is The Art Institute of Chicago whose exterior is a work of art in itself. Set aside at least a day to explore this

My Travel Club Story | How A Travel Club Greatly Impacted My Life

Hello my friend Jimmy Moore's in here from breakthrough with Jimmy dot com is a great day for breakthrough wanted to do this quick video about travel club Dharmapala let me just tell you a quick story about six or seven years ago I remember going on a vacation and with family and I remember feeling pretty discouraged because I literally had no money in the bank yeah it's pretty much broke I was kind of you know just just had a new little baby girl and I really needed money and my my parents-in-law basically were very gracious and they got an offer for a hotel and travel club opportunity and so they got to travel to Tenerife and they invited my wife and myself and our little baby girl to go with them and I remember being on a holiday industry in a really frustrated because I was broke and couldn't really afford to be there you know and I was at the mercy of somebody else having to pay for my travel much food and all of that and it was a wonderful holiday but couldn't help feeling a little bit frustrating fast forward seven years and I'm back in Tenerife with my family kids now just my wife and my kids are here and we're just enjoying the beaches the sunshine the police skies and completely owed to a wonderful travel club opportunity which is not enabled not just enabled me my family to trouble also enabled us to make money and I'm talking for figure paydays for bigger paydays so we now not only are we getting discounted rates up to 90% off all of our resorts and a stays in different countries where we choose to go but we also get the opportunity to bank for bigger paydays whenever we share this travel club trouble with somebody else and if that sounds like something that could completely transform your life with my friend believe you me I really believe it will and all you have to do is make a decision and take action today just below this video you'll see a link which you can click any time which will take you through to the opportunity in here a little bit more about this travel club and what's the other members and what it can do for you and my friend I believe will be blown away because not only do you get up to 90% off your resort stays but you also get the opportunity to make money you can share this with family and friends even if you don't want to

5 Tips for Staying Sober on a Business Trip

What's up everybody back here from Sunny Sanguinty. I am coming to you from Mallorca, where i am at an editor's conference. We are actually working in Mallorca, which I know what you're thinking work my orca that does not compute but in fact we have been busting our asses and people have really been working hard including myself and a few times we have gotten to relax our egg dinner and so naturally there are quite a few glasses of wine offered and and champagne and whatnot and and this presents a problem that i have not encountered but I've heard about now that i am working in the real world and with other people and taking business trips for a long time a long time for a few years I've heard about how difficult it is to travel and not drink for work and I've written a lot about taking vacations and not drinking and that it's actually pretty easy and lots of fun check out that post if you want but work travel is a different animal because you have other people to deal with and you can't take a break maybe when you want to and you can always say no to an obligation whereas it might be easier to stand on your own so i decided to make a video about how to avoid alcohol how to stay so we're how to be loosened on a business trip and the first thing to do is plan out what you're going to tell people by way of an explanation even in Europe with a bunch of Germans who I have never had an issue with asking me about drinking people are curious why are you no drinking no you don't drink anything not even just a little sip of this so that so if you don't want to tell them oh I'm an alcoholic think of a a a lot if that's what you need to do i'm on antibiotics so you know I gave up drinking for lunch blah blah blah and what I have said in the past is I don't like to drink and that's it I've also said i'm giving up alcohol for a hundred days see what happens i'm also told people that I stopped drinking alcohol and i really like the way I felt and so decided to keep on staying loose it at this point i tell people the truth which is I like to drink and I can stop but I don't like to stop so what I decided to do make it easier on myself is to

Must Have Gear for Long Term Business Travel

Hi, my name is Lorna Li, and I'm the host of Entrepreneurs for a Change. This video series explores lifestyle business travel. So one of the questions that I get asked is what is your list of indispensable equipment that you travel with that allows you to run your business from the road as a location- independent entrepreneur? Now, I've been travelling for the past 16 months, and I really love especially to go off the beaten track. So in order for me to be able to run my business efficiently, here is a list of the equipment that I travel with. The number one tool that I use is a Smartphone. So I have iPhone 5, and in order for me to get the most from iPhone 5 I need a local SIM card with an internet data plan. That allows me to use the GPS mapping services, especially if I'm in a place that I'm not familiar with - that's highly valuable to me. But also it allows me to tether, which in many locations, the WiFi is not very good or practically non-existent. So if I really need to get online then I will tether my iPhone to my laptop, and be able to do some work. Another indispensable tool that I have is a MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is incredibly light, and it has a really long battery life; about five or six hours. So, I find having a MacBook Air indispensable. Another thing that I travel with is a 1tb external hard drive. I find it really important to make regular back-ups of all my work and files locally as well as to the Cloud, and I use Dropbox for backing up my files to the Cloud. I have a 500gb plan, but then I also keep a duplicate back-up on my external hard drive because sometimes weird stuff happens with Dropbox, especially if I'm re-arranging folders, and if I accidentally delete something, and don't realize more than 30 days later, then I would have lost those files on Dropbox for good. So, if I have a local backup on a hard drive, then I could always recover files. And I do this periodically as well, and I date my backups. 1tb hard drive is plenty of space to be able to do that. Another thing that I travel with is a 35gb USB pen drive. That's really great, especially if I'm meeting new friends and exchanging music or video files, then I can easily do that with a pen drive that I just travel with me, always have it in my purse or my backpack. So, that's always a fun way to do digital data exchange, exchange photos, etc. Another thing that I have discovered to be indispensable is having a surge protector power strip. So, I have discovered that often the hotels or locations I'm staying with don't have enough power outlets. And especially if I'm charging up a number of different devices like my