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Yeah. So… Put up a video in Tony’s room. The remainder of the squad that’s still alive from this eleven day trip, is going to track down to levers through the canyon, to go jump off a couple cliffs. It should be pretty dope, right guys? Hell, yeah! We have not stopped. That’s if we survive the climb there  Ah! Alright, so, yeah. We’ve been goin hard every single day and we’re not stopping here. We’ll see you guys along this magical journey and go-pro vlog. Hi ,Honey Don’t do that. Oh! It’s actually going to look sick because of the lighting. So as you guys know, we’ve been in Mexico for over a week now posting videos. Almost every single day. We’ve only missed days because the adventures go on for so long that there’s not even a couple of minutes left of the day to upload a video or else would be at like midnight and that’s not even worth it so… If you guys haven’t seen the past eight or so videos to Mexico go check them out. They are on the homepage of the channel and I think we’re going to grab a drink really quick. To cool off – cool off before the long hot wash. We made it to the rocks and now we climb. [Music] All Right. [Music] What? This is it? (Inaudible) Wow that was the easiest walk ever. It’s normally so much harder.  Huh-huh! Woooooo. Seems doable. Hey let’s just walk down the slippery sliding rocks right here and you’ll be good. [Background] Yeah. Huh huh huh. (Laughing) [Background] Gnarly climb bro. You got it. Just get over there and stick it. We’re going down towards the water now. You know, the second one. To the right. You’re good. You stay low and hold on. You’re good. We got you. Just get low. Look, you see right in front of you? You got to put your foot harder down. It’ll hold it against. You ready? Im going to throw my pressure on that one. It’s an adventure, eh? Ha ha ha. (Laughing) Yeah. Yeah you doing this? You’re good. Oh you guys are down here too. I got your toes! Yeah. Yeah. I got you. I got you. Hey, you’re good now. That was easy. We just go up there right? Inaudible. It’s like a staircase. Yeah. All right. Where do you jump from? Oh. You didn’t get yelled at or anything for doing this this last time?  Isn’t it? It took some doing, but we made it to the jump spot. [Inaudible] We have located…. [Inaudible] Fly that bitch right up to us. [Music] Woo! [Music] Tony get in the shot. Can not complain! [Grunt] How was that swim? Was it hard to get in? Having adventure? check! Yep! Almost dying and slipping off a giant cliff? Check! But, were back. Yeah, that was pretty intense. Nothing like looking down 60-70 feet and seeing a straight cliff drop to about 3 feet under the water. That was gnarly. Yeah, if you guys enjoyed adventure and cliff jump, Give this video a big thumbs up. Let us know what else you want to see us do in Mexico. I am now thanking you guys for watching and for everybody who was a part of this adventure. It’s really hot so we’re going to go jump in the pool. Yeah! We ‘ll see you guys tomorrow for the next vlog right? What else do you want to say? Don’t listen to people, Mexico’s awesome. Mexico’s amazing. Anybody who hasn’t been here is blowing it. Edwin [Music]. As found on Youtube Wanna Go?