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Beaches of Barcelona – The Ultimate Barcelona Beach Guide

¡Hola a todos! We’re here part of the Apartment Barcelona team I’m David I’m Adrienne and I’m Eloi and we’re here to discover the things you didn’t know about Barcelona beaches We will be exploring the four main beaches from south to north, starting from Barceloneta to Villa Olimpica, Mar Bella and finally the Parc Forum Here we are at Barceloneta, one of Barcelona’s largest beaches there’s never a shortage of excitement here with its always lively beach and the W Hotel that attracts tourists from all around the world From the local point of view I would say that Barceloneta is one of the largest beaches but also one of the crowdest beaches in Barcelona For example if you want to play volleyball here, sometimes it will happen that you will have to wait for your turn I love the beach bars I love the people watching Well, we love the beaches here because it’s very nice and hot Besides the sun, Barcelona also has some great nightlife let’s head over to Villa Olimpica to check out some options for some potential post beach fun Here we are at Sotavento the perfect blend of beach and nightlife at the same time Villa Olimpica’s paved trails just steps off the beach make it a great spot for biking, blading running and any other activity you can think of there’s no denying that this beach is full of things to do but Now lets head over to Mar Bella for a more mellow experience Mar Bella is meant to be a little bit more tranquil and calm for beachgoers who want to get away from all the crowds Mar Bella’s calmer atmosphere makes for the perfect beach day whether you’re looking for some tranquility or an outdoor workout on the beach The final stop on our journey brings us to our last stop, el Parc del Forum El Parc del Forum is one of the more unique beaches of Barcelona beacuse as you can see there’s no sand El Parc del Forum’s contained water calls all those interested in water sports and activites not suited for the unpredictable ocean water

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