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Top 10 Things To Do In Dublin Ireland

My goodness did I have a wonderful time figuring out 10 of the best things to do in Dublin. And one not to do. Check out Grafton Street. This is where you’ll find lots of street performers and shopping. It’s a tourist spot but it’s a lot of fun. Because when Irish flowers in bloom, there is fun in Dublin. I even put a list on AMae.TV of everything you can buy on Grafton Street. It is the best place in Dublin to shop AND play. Like these children did during this magical Irish moment! You can make bubbles You can leprechaun yourself Another fun thing to do in Dublin is to find this talented man on Grafton Street who will help you get that ultimate leprechaun look. So then you can remind your Instagram followers that you are in fact traveling in IRELAND. As I did. Take a stroll into St. Stephen’s Green Park, it’s a lovely little setting, right in the heart of Dublin and it’s SO green. St. Stephen’s Green is the perfect sized park and a delight to cut through when you walk just about anywhere because it’s right in the center of Dublin city. And they have yoga.. and that made me really wish I was practicing with them. It’s so green. Lush And when you’re ready to head over to a different part of Dublin, you can simply grab an Irish horse and buggy to take you there. I never did get a chance to catch a ride on one of these, but I did make friends with a few. Hello horsie. Are you a wee little Irish horse? Are you the Guinness Horse? You look like a Guinness.. And finally we are here at the top of the St. James Gate Brewery, The Guinness Storehouse. At the gravity bar, having a Guinness. Sláinte Visiting the Guinness Storehouse is loads of fun. It’s not only the home of Guinness, but a 7 floor learning, smelling, tasting, playing and pouring experience. Of course I had to make a whole other video about it, so be sure to check that one out. Visit Temple Bar! Temple Bar is actually an area, it’s not a bar. So it actually is a neighborhood AND a bar, but when people say ‘go to Temple Bar’ they generally mean the area for its wild and crazy appeal. The Irish Rock and Roll museum experience And then there’s the Temple Bar itself- beer garden, and live daily music. Let’s check it out. Drink at a fancy bar. This is called The Bank on College Green. And it’s absolutely stunning. Galway hooker, an Irish pale ale, it’s very good. It used to be a bank. And now it’s a beautiful bar. I mean, look at these flowers. Ride the bus, it’s a really nice bus. Really nice bus It’s really easy to ride. It’s a good bus system. We just got on it how do we know if it’s a good bus system or not. Just ride the bus because it’s fun and you get to sit up top, in the very top and see everything. See Generally, you won’t even need a bus to get around Dublin. But if you want to do it for the views, just get a Hop on Hop off bus. You’ll see them everywhere around thecity. Definitely take the bus One of the top tourist attractions here in Dublin is Trinity College and specifically, Trinity Library and their exhibit, The Book Of Kells. The ancient Trinity College is one of the, more historically elegant places to visit in Dublin and the Book of Kells is quite a sight. Check out the entire journey in my Trinity College Library video Trinity College was definitely fascinating Jewelry! You can buy Celtic jewelry If you’re into silver, Dublin is a great place to pick up a lovely piece of it. In the form of celtic knot pendents, chains, flasks, even classic candle stick holders. Otherwise you could simply.. Buy a harp From this music store in the Temple Bar area.. it offered plenty of classic Irish instruments. The Irish instruments Sing an Irish song.. I hope you all have completely loved this video series about Ireland travel. Be sure to catch all the other travel videos from Ireland and around the world here on AMaeTV. I’ve got new video delights each Friday night, so subscribe now, share this video and let me know your favorite thing from this list. #travel #travelgram #instatravel #traveling #travelling #travelphotography #traveler #travelingram #igtravel #mytravelgram #travelblogger #discover As found on Youtube Wanna Go?